《威利在哪里》Where’s Waldo? 中文版 第一季 [全20集][国语][1080P][MP4]

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威利在哪里 简介


《威利在哪里》是一部美国儿童动画电视连续剧,其教育元素基于北美版的《威利在哪里?马丁·汉福德(Martin Handford)的书。该系列由梦工厂动画电视制作,并于2019年7月20日在环球儿童台上首次亮相。它于2020年7月15日迁移到流媒体服务Peacock的第二季。

Young adventurers Waldo and Wenda use their problem-solving skills and the help of an international wizard society to stop a rival globetrotter named Odlulu from using his magic to stir up trouble.

威利在哪里 视频截图

威利在哪里 剧集目录

1. Little Trouble in Big China
It’s the Lunar New Year and Odlulu has accidentally brought a stone dragon to life! Waldo and Wenda work with local members of a dragon dance team to tame the dragon and save the celebration.

2. A Day in Turkey
In Turkey, Waldo and Wenda meet a fellow Wanderer, Yasemin, and realize that their Turkish rug is actually a map to the Doubling Key; Odlulu and Fritz find the key first, and the race is on to find them.

3. Vienna Voice-Versa
Whitebeard tries to enhance his voice for a singing duet, but he switches bodies with Arf.

4. The Big New Mexico Pepper Hunt
Odlulu challenges the Wanderers to win best chili and a magic key at an annual chili cook-off in New Mexico; Whitebeard pulls out his family recipe but needs a ghost pepper as a special ingredient.

5. Hang Ten in Tahiti
Waldo and Wenda head to Tahiti to help Wizard Wavybeard find his lost Wave Key; Odlulu sees the Wave Key as her chance to win the surf competition and earn a statue of herself on the beach; the Wanderers and Odlulu have a surf-off.

6. Victoria Falls & Winters
The watering hole of a Zimbabwean animal park dries up, so the Wanderers go there with a rain-producing Weather Key.

7. A Wanderer in Paris
Waldo and Wenda head to Tahiti to help Wizard Wavybeard find his lost Wave Key. Odlulu sees the Wave Key as her chance to win the surf competition and earn a statue of herself on the beach. The Wanderers and Odlulu have a surf-off and the winner gets the key.

8. Costa Rica… in Color!
Waldo and Wenda head to the Costa Rican rainforest to meet up with Wizard Featherbeard and investigate why the beautiful birds have lost their colors.

9. The Strength of Scotland
Everyone heads to Scotland, where Odlulu is using the Strength Key to give herself an advantage in the Highland Games.

10. Yukon Do It
Arf gets a chance to run with sled dogs when he travels with Waldo and Wenda to wintry northern Canada to deliver an important package to Wizard Whitebeard who is off watching the Northern Lights with a fellow wizard.

11. Hit or Myth in Greece
When Odlulu uses the Greek Myth Key to bring Greek myths to life so she can capture the Golden Fleece, the Wanderers embark on a legendary quest to restore order in modern Athens with the help of the mythic Jason of the Argo.

12. Venice the Menace
Odlulu is in Venice, where she aims to become the belle of the Venetian Carnival ball with the help of the Crystal Glass Key.

13. Australia Blunder Down Under
When a mother kangaroo hops away with Waldo’s hat on her head and Fritz in her pouch, Waldo, Wenda and Odlulu must work together to find them in the Australian Outback.

14. Bahama Drama
When Odlulu uses the Bubble Key to raise a sunken pirate ship in the Bahamas in her quest for treasure, the Wanderers and Wizard Doubloon must take to the high seas to catch the bubble-wielding buccaneer before she makes off with the ship’s booty.

15. Mini Mayhem in Moscow
After Whitebeard uses the Grow Key to make himself 40 feet tall, the key breaks; the Wanderers take the key to Wizard Fix-It in Moscow; while mending the key, Fix-It accidentally makes Waldo, Wenda and herself 2 inches tall, then loses the key.

16. Chilling Out in Antarctica
The Wanderers travel to Antarctica to witness the annual march of the emperor penguins; when Odlulu’s new ice castle separates a waddle of penguins from their eggs, the Wanderers must find a way to reunite the parents with their chicks.

17. Big in Japan
When Odlulu zaps Fritz with the Mega Mega Monster Key, he grows to a monstrous size and tries to eat all the noodles in the city; Waldo and Wenda travel to a kaiju festival in Tokyo.

18. A New York Minute
Wizard Whitebeard trains for months for a marathon in New York City; when Odlulu schemes to win the race by slowing down all of the other runners, Waldo and Wenda use New York’s various modes of transportation to pursue Odlulu and save the marathon.

19. The Swiss Mess
The Wanderers head to Switzerland to get chocolate for Whitebeard’s chocolate fondue fountain; Odlulu uses the Vacuum Key to suck up Zermatt’s chocolate; Waldo and Wenda must take to the slopes to save Switzerland’s chocolate before it all melts.

20. A Wanderer’s Christmas
Odlulu finds out she’s on Santa’s Naughty List, so she travels the globe and tries to spread holiday cheer.



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