宝妈资源网收录的动画片《Brown and Friends》布朗熊和朋友们英文版 第一季,全部18集,英语发音(对白很少),内置英文字幕(可以下载后使用播放器选择设置字幕或者关闭字幕);资源总大小约9.2G,单集播放时长约12分钟,1080P高清MKV视频格式,下载解压后可以在电视机或电脑、平板、IPAD、早教机、手机等各种智能设备播放,提供百度云网盘下载。

布朗熊和朋友们英文版 第一季 资源简介

◎译  名 布朗熊和朋友们 第一季
◎片  名 Brown and Friends Season 1
◎年  代 2022
◎产  地 美国
◎语  言 无对白
◎上映日期 2022-12-29(美国)
◎IMDb评星  ★★★★★★★★☆☆
◎IMDb评分  8.1/10 from 48 users
◎单集片长 12
◎集  数 18
◎简  介

Big-hearted and expressionless Brown is always there for friends. They all love to hang out in the cozy coffee shop Brown works in.

布朗熊和朋友们英文版 第1季 视频截图

布朗熊和朋友们英文版 第一季 剧集目录

Release year: 2022
In a cozy little neighborhood coffee shop, a group of fun-loving friends get together — and get up to all kinds of adventures.

1. I Like You a Latte / Passion of Edward / Spicy Noodles
Will Brown ever be able to give a cup of latte to Cony? Edward brings a heavy backpack to a picnic. Brown and Cony have a spicy lunch.

2. James the Party Animal / Silent But Deadly / Spaghetti from the Other Side
Every night is party night for James — whether everyone else likes it or not. A friendly get-together turns gassy. Cony makes some dreadful spaghetti.

3. Brown I Shrunk the Friends / Elevator / Dodgeball
Sally accidentally shrinks everyone, but that doesn't stop them from catching a thief. The friends get stuck in an elevator. Then, it's dodgeball time!

4. Close Encounters of the First Kind / Cony the Babysitter / Manic Moon Day
Things get really confusing when an alien visits the neighborhood. An adorable robot puppy follows Cony home. Moon starts a prank battle with Sally.

5. Little Bouquet of Horrors / Brown and Swole / Freeze Frame
Brown picks a pretty flower that's got a mind of its own! Moon and Brown start working out together. Freeze! Sally starts to stop time.

6. Full Moon
It's Halloween season and things are getting spooky. Sally learns some witchcraft but isn't very good at it. Then, Moon turns into a werewolf.

7. Three's a Crowd / Witch Switch / Game Night
Cony's apartment has plumbing issues. Brown gets confused when Cony and Sally switch bodies. Then, Brown and Cony get stuck on the roof.

8. Why the Frown, Brown? / Keep Calm and Yoga On / The Superstar and the Barista
Huh?!? Sally gets mischievous with a magic marker. All Jessica wants is some peace and quiet. Brown bears an uncanny resemblance to a superstar.

9. Kung-Fu Karaoke / When Leonard Met Sally / Drip Drip Drop
A night of karaoke turns really competitive. Sally really likes it when Leonard plays his music. Brown's tormented by a dripping faucet.

10. Luchador Next Door / Copy, Paste, Repeat / Mr. Ice Guy
Sally finds a luchador mask. Pangyo tries to help an overworked Brown out by duplicating him. Then, Pangyo makes an ice sculpture of Sally.

11. MUST. HAVE. COFFEE. / Friendsgiving / Cory!
Brown had better open the coffee shop quick — the friends need their coffee! Don't eat Cony's deadly spaghetti! Brown is jealous of Cony's new friend.

12. Magical Winter Wonderland
The streets are filled with snow and everything feels like magic. Then, Brown has a surprising — and very jolly — encounter.

13. Square Meal / Bad Boy Brown? / Boom or Bust
Brown buys an amazing bowl of noodles from a very mysterious stand. Choco dresses Brown up in some new clothes. Turns out Boss can be pretty cool.

14. Brown's Social Media Nosedive / Choco Latte / Brown on Ice
All Brown cares about these days is getting likes. Choco picks up the slack when Sally starts messing up at work. Brown gives ice skating a try.

15. Edward the Butterfly / Mysterious Line City / Help Wanted
Edward dreams about flying like a beautiful butterfly. Someone's been sleepwalking — but who? Brown's off sick; how will the coffee shop survive?

16. Line Studio Audience / Hardboiled / The Brown & Jessica Date
Brown's life has turned into a sitcom! It's time for a cozy mystery with Detective Sally. In a moment of panic, Brown asks Jessica out on a date.

17. Sally Kong Zilla / Upside Brown / Time After Time
Just ask Sally, it's tough being so little and cute. After getting a little kiss on the cheek, Brown defies gravity. Boss gets a very high-tech watch.

18. Spring Fling
Spring is definitely in the air, especially when Sally throws together a love potion that gets a little out of control!



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