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宝妈资源网收录的动画片《School of Roars》咆哮学校英文版 第一季 全集52集,英语发音,内置英文字幕(英文和意大利文,可以下载后使用播放器选择字幕或者关闭字幕);每集大小150M,总大小7.9G,单集播放时长约7分钟,1080P高清MKV格式,可以在电视机或电脑、平板、IPAD、早教机、手机等各种设备播放,提供百度云网盘下载。

咆哮学校英文版 第一季 资源简介

类型: 动画
制片国家/地区: 英国
语言: 英语
首播: 2017-02-06(英国)
集数: 52
单集片长: 7分钟
又名: 啸啸幼儿园

《School of Roars》中文译为“咆哮学校”,是BBC儿童频道CBeebies在2017年2月推出的一档面向学龄前宝宝的动画片。动画主要讲述5个可爱小怪兽的故事,他们每天在幼儿园发生着一个又一个的趣事。善良有趣的老师格瑞兹尼夫小姐,总能带给他们最好的呵护。

《咆哮学校》讲述了五只迷你怪兽的精彩冒险,他们第一次体验学校的生活,学习数学、音乐、烹饪和生活中的怪兽课程。上课的老师是古怪、可爱的Grizzlesniff小姐,她由Kathy Burke配音。该系列的其他配音者还包括饰演女校长的莎拉-兰开夏、Twirlyhorn夫人和Andrew Scott。

时长: 1 Season

可用季节:第1季(52 Ep)



咆哮学校英文版 第1季 视频截图

咆哮学校英文版 第一季 剧集目录

Release year: 2018

Class is in session for mini-monsters Wufflebump, Meepa, Icklewoo, Wingston and Yummble, who learn quirky lessons from their teacher Miss Grizzlesniff.

Show and Tell

It’s Show and Tell and the little monsters present their favorite things to the others. Suddenly, objects disappear. Is dog Growlbert the culprit?

Bestest Friends

The little monsters are making self-portraits. Wufflebump is jealous because Yummble is playing with Meepa. Miss Grizzlesniff knows what to do.

Daddy’s Late

Wingston helps Miss Grizzlesniff clean up since his dad is late for pickup. Do the strange sounds mean that the dragon babies have hatched?

I Want the Human

Wufflebump really wants to be the best in everything because he wants to take class puppet Brian home for the weekend.

Monster Assembly

The class has rehearsed a play and the performance is tonight. Although Icklewoo has practiced roaring a lot, she suddenly gets stage fright.

Get Well Soon

Miss Grizzlesniff is sick and Mr. Marrow has to sub. At first, everything goes wrong, but he succeeds in developing his own unique teaching methods.

Wobbly Tooth

Wingston has a lose tooth and the tooth fairy is supposed to visit. Wingston is scared, however, and tries to hold on to his tooth at all means.


A photographer comes for a class picture, but not a single picture turns out well since Meepa can’t sit still. Wufflebump wants to teach her how.


The little monsters are supposed to scare their teacher, Miss Grizzlesniff, with a big “Booh!”, but Icklewoo believes her “Booh” is not good enough.

Blushberry Blob Cakes

Mr. Marrow makes blushberry blob cakes with the class. Everybody can make a wish while stirring the mixture. But suddenly, the blushberries are gone.

Wufflebump Owns Up

Wufflebump breaks Miss Grizzlesniff’s golden trophy by accident and hides the fact, but soon has a bad conscience.

Growling Up

Yummble’s mom is about to have a baby, but he wants his mom all for himself. Miss Grizzlesniff wants to teach Yummble how to be a good big brother.

Nurse Meepa

After getting hurt, Meepa wants to become a nurse and gets some band-aids to practice. Soon, Yummble and Wufflebump need medical attention as well.

Measuring Chart

Wingston wants to show how big he is already. All are excited, only he is disappointed that he is the smallest. Wufflebump has a great idea.

Buddy Bench

Icklewoo had a cold and missed Wingston’s birthday party. Ms. Grizzlesniff suggests she sits on the Buddy Bench.

Shriekend News

The little monsters talk about their weekend activities. Wufflebump had to help his parents and wants to hide the fact, but the truth comes out.


Wufflebump, Wingston and Yummble are excited about their first sleepover. None of them wants to admit that they normally need an aid to fall asleep.

Dressing Up

Today, everybody can choose a costume from the chest. Only Meepa can’t find a fitting costume due to her four arms. She needs something special.

Full Moon

It’s a full moon and the monsters get crater cakes. Wingston wants to see the moon monster. Yummble helps baking and the friends build a rocket.


The monsters build balloon-powered boats. When Icklewoo needs to use the bathroom, she is scared because of the strange sounds coming out of it.

Funny Bones

Class is all about cooking today. Although Miss Grizzlesniff had not allowed playing with a dinosaur skeleton, the monsters do it anyway and break it.

Very Important Monster

When a very important monster visits the school, Wufflebump gets the job to give the visitor a bouquet, but he is scared of messing up.

Monster Choir

Yummble has practiced a lot for the choir performance and gets praise for his singing. At school, however, some say monsters should sing out of tune.

Class Monitor

When Meepa becomes class monitor, she bosses everybody around and the others are starting to get annoyed.

Googly Glasses

Optician Mr. Bogglelots comes to school. Wufflebump and Wingston want to get googly glasses, so Wufflebump cheats during the eye test.

Wingston Wins

Miss Grizzlesniff shows the monsters what sportsmonstership means. Wingston gets super competitive and has to hold back.

Monster Book Day

The monsters dress up as their favorite book characters. Icklewoo doesn’t dare to come to class due to her costume. Wufflebump to the rescue!


It’s a rainy day and the little monsters can’t play outside. Miss Grizzlesniff organizes a hoopla game so that all can practice throwing rings.

Monster Pet

Meepa wants a pet but her mom is against it. When Wufflebump’s dog Growlbert goes missing, Meepa starts a poster campaign to find him.

Time Capsule

The teachers dig up a time capsule full of childhood memories. The little monsters are asked to collect memories as well.

My Old Scooter

The little monsters attend Mr. Marrow’s “Wheely Safe” course, but Yummble worries that his rusty old ride won’t earn the safety badge.

Miss Sneezle’s Birthday

Wufflebump got hurt. When Miss Sneezle treats his injury, he learns that it’s her birthday. They have to get a present for the nurse!

Stop Copying

Icklewoo has the same lunch box as Wufflebump, crafts the same monster figure and roars just like him. Why does she copy everything he does?

Hats Off To Yummble

It’s the day of the school hat competition! Yummble’s parents didn’t have time to help him, so he thinks his hat isn’t good enough.

Painty Play Tree

The play tree was painted and the monsters mustn’t use it until the paint is dry, but Meepa can’t resist.

Oh Wingston

Wingston is showing off and hurts Icklewoo’s feelings. Can Wufflebump reconcile the two little monsters?

Teddy Monster

Wufflebump gets upset when his mom sells his monster teddy at the flea market. He learns who the new owner is and tries to get it back.

Monster Joke

Wufflebump has gotten a noisy toy bone for his dog Growlbert and brings it to school. He and Yummble want to play a trick on their classmates.


Icklewoo’s cousin is visiting the school, but the little monsters don’t like him because he does everything differently. Miss Grizzlesniff intervenes.

The Itchlings

Meepa wants to break the skipping record. Yummble has to go to the school nurse for a severe itch. Suddenly, everybody starts scratching themselves.

The School Inspector

The school inspector from Mothsted is visiting the school. The monsters want to impress her with a picture, but that’s easier said than done.

Squish Squash Salad

The little monsters prepare a salad from vegetables they brought to school. Wufflebump hates scrummatoes, however, and hides the salad bowl.

Sports Night

There are all kinds of activities at the school‘s sporting event, but Yummble thinks he’s not good enough for the rotten egg and spoon race.


Meepa loves science class so much that she wants to keep a frog as a pet. She secretly brings the frog to school.


Icklewoo invites her friends to use her new trampoline, but Wingston wants to steal the show. Finally, he has to confess that he was exaggerating.

Dragon Brigade

Miss Grizzlesniff makes popcorn for the premiere of a film about firefighters when the popcorn machine starts to smoke. Dragon brigade to the rescue!

Lost Property

Wufflebump has lost all his things for the nature walk. Miss Twirlyhorn wants to teach him to take better care, but she has lost something as well.

Telling Tales

The little monsters are making kites. After Yummble tattletales on the others, he can’t concentrate on crafting his kite anymore.

Marching Band

The monsters want to form a marching band. Everybody is excited. Meepa struggles to play her instrument but is the ideal bandleader.

Whizzy Worms

For the Slurby Soup Feast, the monsters want to harvest bulgy beans, but there are almost none! Miss Grizzlesniff helps out: They need fertilizer!


The monsters present their favorite toys. All are obsessed by Icklewoo’s toy, when the batteries go empty. Is that the end to their fun?

Snowed In

The little monsters are excited about the first snow of the year but get scared by the huge amounts. Miss Twirlyhorn asks a dragon for help.

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