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《Marcus Level》第一季 资源简介

马库斯等级是法国动画系列,由艾哈迈德Guerrouache创建和产生由4K媒体公司和Mondo TV France的Pictonovo动画。2016年,它为汉堡王准备了一张无区域性DVD,作为儿童餐的一部分,同年20世纪福克斯家庭娱乐公司在DVD上发行了三卷集。目前,二十世纪福克斯家庭娱乐公司已计划在2017年9月3日制作一个名为“马库斯·水平:完整系列”的系列礼盒套装。布罗克·贝克和汤姆·肯尼宣布马库斯·水平将在2017年12月结束。2017年12月24日,它的结局是《马库斯与巨像》。英国CITV,Foxtel和9Go继续进行重播!在澳大利亚,法国的Disney XD,加拿大的Teletoon和YTV以及墨西哥的Televisa。目前,二十世纪福克斯家庭娱乐公司宣布,将在DVD上发行整个系列,称为“马库斯级别:完整系列”。

Marcus Level讲述的是一个名叫Marcus的孩子,他喜欢游戏。当Marcus获得他最喜欢的视频游戏的最新版本“七座灯塔的戈尔巴和山谷”时,他告诉自己,当他的父母在周末离开时,他终于可以探索它的所有世界。


《Marcus Level》第一季 视频截图

《Marcus Level》第一季 剧集目录

Marcus must win a horse-riding competition in order to snag a piece of the mirror. But he hates “girl’s games,” so his pride gets in the way.

Marcus lands on a scary island and discovers that Vipkrad has locked away all the monkeys and they can only be saved by finding a mirror piece.

Marcus sneaks into Vipkrad’s cursed castle for a mirror piece, but might have to make friends with the enemy in order to leave.

Zombie snails! A hexed altar! Slimy monsters! Marcus has to push through everything on this level to get a mirror piece and save the Chocobongo mines.

Ice cream is in short supply because the Bipolar Bear is unhappy. Marcus’ new mission is to cheer up the bear and grab a mirror piece.

A sled race against Vipkrad is the focus of Marcus’ latest mission. Whoever wins gets a mirror piece, but Marcus is afraid to drive the sled.

Al Jabir and Ephi are sick, and Marcus needs to find the antidote. He’s not sure if he can, but he has to level up!

Sybillin gives Marcus a piece of the mirror and tasks him with keeping it away from Vipkrad’s army, but can one boy and his friends take them all on?

Can Marcus slow down enough to follow instructions? If he can, he could save Atalantis from a terrible flood. If not, Vipkrad might win.

The race is on since Marcus must find the treasure of pirate Double Hook before Vipkrad does. Problem is, Marcus decides to become a pirate, too.

Princess Aria is unable to stop eating Vipkrad’s cakes. Marcus has to find her and help her resist in order to level up.

Vipkrad’s Voodoo dolls make a tough mission even tougher for Marcus, who is searching for a mirror piece in the forest.

The palace is full of ghosts and Marcus and friends have to cleanse the building! But how will they do it before time is up?

Marcus needs to save a genie, find equipment and ignore useless treasure. Will he stick to the task at hand or lose because he is distracted?

The world championship of the Seven Light Towers is here and the winner gets a piece of the mirror. Marcus is elated because he is great at soccer.

During an obstacle course race, Marcus is confronted by someone who knows he cheated in a previous level. Does Marcus come clean or cheat again?

Marcus and his friends are imprisoned in a dungeon and bound with a magic chain. Can they work together to get free?

Is bad luck contagious? Marcus sure thinks so. But bad luck or good luck, he has to reach Sagoo, the king of monkeys, in order to snag a mirror piece.

The king of the Moonsliders will give a piece of mirror to the best dancer. Marcus thinks he has a great chance because he is a good dancer. Or is he?

Whoever wins the heart of Princess Yupla will win a mirror fragment. But Marcus is crushing hard on the princess and freezes! Who will help?

Marcus must face off against Ephi, Gratrok, and Loumie for a piece of the mirror. Will their friendship weather this storm?

Kitty cats could be the death of Marcus if he doesn’t focus on finding a mirror shard in the heart of the forest. But the kittens are so cute!

Marcus has to find and save the chief of the Elves, and Ephi is ecstatic about being a tour guide through the Espictroll elf forest.

Marcus has to face off against Sheriff Vipkrad, who terrorizes the villagers of Blue Kingdom. Whose side should he join: the rebels or the villagers?

Can Marcus get over his intense dislike of girlie pink boots long enough to free Baron Funderchen and find a mirror piece?

Marcus brings the latest level-up battle to the arena of Blue Kingdom and has to train someone to help him in the fight for a mirror shard.

Outlaws threaten to destroy a saloon if they don’t get mugs of strawberry milk. Marcus has to help the barkeeper in exchange for a piece of mirror.

The king of the Elves is sick so Marcus has to journey to find the ingredients for a life-saving potion. They need all the magical help they can get!

Marcus, Gratok and Ephi help nomads who are victims of a fire. Mid-mission, Marcus becomes entranced with the lovely Kenza, who is acting oddly.

A baby’s tears create carnivorous plants so Marcus’ mission is to stop the crying and get the kid back to his mom in exchange for a mirror piece.

Vipkrad enslaves the Debbings creatures and puts them to work in the mines. Marcus must lead them to freedom, after which he might snag a mirror shard.

Someone stole an object from the grand hotel, but who did it? Marcus must find out in order to snag another mirror piece.

Marcus is tasked with making robotic armor inside of Vipkrad’s factories. Could this mission backfire without teamwork?

Part of the game is erased, and Marcus and friends have to paint the background in order to finish a mission in the Vanilla-Strawberry Mountains.

Princess Aria’s mirror shard is hidden inside a ship filled with skeletons. But are they the good guys or the bad guys?

Marcus is tasked with helping the genie Balumba find his magic lamp. Meanwhile, he snags a magic wand with time-travel abilities. Time to level up!

Marcus enters a car race in order to win a piece of Princess Aria’s mirror. He knows the course by heart, but now there’s a glitch: crazy mode.

Newspapers have to be delivered to a small mining town and if Marcus finishes first, he gets a mirror shard for his troubles.

Marcus has been here before at the Great Seven Light Towers Tournament. He is excited about winning the Championship Belt, which has a shard on it.

Marcus competes in a wide-ranging tournament to get a mirror shard. But is cheating the right way — and the best way — to win?

The Rat-Crabs are very upset that Vipkrad stole the scepter-pickaxe of King Gramok. Marcus has to get it back and save the mirror piece hidden inside.

Oh, no! Vipkrad has stolen the colors off the Magic Rainbow and now Marcus has to retrieve them. This is supposed to be an easy level, but it’s not.

The Forest of Espictroll is partly destroyed by Vipkrad, and Marcus vows to make it right. He sneaks into Vipkrad’s compound to steal pieces of armor.

Marcus is imprisoned by Vipkrad on an intergalactic ship. If he doesn’t get out soon and find his friends, the whole planet is in peril.

Marcus and his friends are trapped inside a genie’s lamp. In order to escape, they have to solve several riddles and eventually find a mirror shard.

An Atalantis bank challenges Marcus and friends to steal a mirror shard locked in the safe. If they pull it off, it’ll be the robbery of the century!

Three kings — of the monkeys, Moonsliders and Rat-Crabs — are kidnapped by Vipkrad. Marcus has to rescue them in order to find a mirror fragment.

Vipkrad sabotaged the Clocktower of Atalantis and Marcus has to fix it. If he gets it working, the Great Watchmaker will give him a mirror shard.

The Bongo monkeys have a hostage and whoever secures the rescue will win a mirror fragment. The race between Vipkrad and Marcus is on!

The hunt for the missing mirror shards leads Marcus directly to Vipkrad’s domain. If he can fight his way through all the minions, he just might win.

Vipkrad is teleporting monsters into Atalantis and Marcus has the option to select easy or mega-hard mode to remove the enemies. Which will he choose?

Vipkrad used a mirror shard to become a stone giant intent on destroying the Blue Kingdom. The only way to stop him? Agility, speed and cooperation.


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