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扎克风暴英文版 资源简介

Zak Storm(全名:Zak Storm:Super Pirate)是由Zagtoon、Method Animation、De Agostini Editore、SAMG Animation、MNC Animation和Man of Action制作的电脑动画电视剧。于2016年12月2日在法国Canal J上首播,并于2017年9月30日至2018年1月7日在美国的KidsClick上播出,另于2017年10月14日在Discovery Family发布。

在冲浪比赛期间,少年Zak Storm突然被巨浪卷走,在失去了他父亲的项链之后最终进入百慕大三角,这实际上是神话中贝鲁海洋的眼睛。Zak突然成为了一艘名叫“混沌之船”的船长,并且带着一队不称职船员(其中包括一名亚特兰蒂斯公主,一名海盗,一名外星人和一名幽灵男孩)和他的说话剑Calabrass,横渡三角七海,寻找回家的路。

Teen surfer Zak Storm is mysteriously transported to the Bermuda Triangle, where he becomes the captain of a magical ship full of misfits.


扎克风暴英文版 视频截图

扎克风暴英文版 剧集目录

Season 1 Part A

Release year: 2016

Teen surfer Zak Storm is mysteriously transported to the Bermuda Triangle, where he becomes the captain of a magical ship full of misfits.

1. Origins Part 1

Headstrong teen Zak Storm accidentally surfs through a wormhole and ends up in the Bermuda Triangle, where a slew of new adventures await.

2. Origins Part 2

Clovis and Calabrass explain everything Zak will need to do to find his way back home. Nobody said being a pirate was easy.

3. Morlock the Unstoppable

While searching for treasure with his new mates, Zak crosses paths with Golden Bones and must put his leadership skills to the test.

4. Witch Overboard

As the crew battles the giant Enteroctopus, Caramba discovers a magical pendant that has the power to make him courageous.

5. Freezing Point

When Golden Bones tries to steal the egg of an ice dragon, Zak and his crew vow to do whatever it takes to protect it.

6. The Voice of Chaos

After eluding Golden Bones and the Demoniac, Zak and his crew find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a tornado field.

7. Troll Diving

The crew puts its plans for rest and relaxation on hold when Caramba is kidnapped by an army of merciless sea trolls.

8. Forged in Fire

After Zak summons all the powers of the Seven Seas at once, the crew searches for a way to heal a weakened Calabrass.

9. The Seas Seven

Cece fears the worst when the Atlantean Heptahedron — a weapon capable of terrible destruction — falls into the hands of Golden Bones.

10. Lighthouse of the Soul

Zak and friends climb the spooky tower of the Marituga lighthouse to stop its magical beacon from being extinguished.

11. The Shipwrecked in the Sand

Worried that she’s led the crew off course, Cece sets out alone to find the Waypoint of Dezer — and ends up in the clutches of the mysterious Anubis.

12. Spirited Away

When Clovis is suddenly sucked into a giant vortex, Zak and Cece must transform into ghosts in order to find their friend.

13. Prison Break

While sailing on a sea full of ghostly illusions, the crew receives an SOS message from legendary Bermuda Triangle hero Alan Gamble.

Season 1 Part B

Release year: 2016

Zak and his crew battle Skullivar, tangle with a giant jellyfish and explore a crashed spaceship as they search for a way out of the Bermuda Triangle.

1. The Swap

Zak’s plan to lure Golden Bones and the Demoniac into a trap hits a snag when Clovis is too eager to be part of the fight.

2. A Jellyfish of Legend

Zak and his crew set out to capture a legendary jellyfish that has the power to create vortexes, but there’s more to this beast than they realize.

3. The Bermuda Apocalypse

The Chaos dives toward a wrecked spaceship at the bottom of the sea, where a frightened robot strikes up a friendship with Caramba.

4. The Last Flight of Icarus

The crew crosses paths with a friendly inventor who may hold the key to getting out of the Bermuda Triangle once and for all.

5. The Labyrinth of the Minotaur

As a storm cloud chases the Chaos, Caramba is zapped by a bolt of energy. To get help, Zak and friends must make their way through a tricky maze.

6. Lemuria Attacks

A powerful Lemurian admiral orders brash pirate Flint to capture Cece — but Zak’s not about to let them take his first mate.

7. Mutiny on the Demoniac

After the Chaos nearly collides with the Demoniac, Clovis finally gets his wish and turns human again.

8. Crogar the Terrible

When Zak is hypnotized during a battle with a wicked queen, Crogar leaps to the rescue but lands in serious trouble.

9. Eye of the Cyclone

Zak and friends rescue a stranger who’s carrying a map that could help them escape the Triangle. But Cece doesn’t trust the newcomer.

10. Call to Adventure

Zak tries to call home after Caramba fixes his phone, but the voice that answers isn’t his dad. Time for another rescue mission!

11. The Wiseman

When the crew meets a man who seems to know everything, Zak pelts him with questions — and stumbles into a trap.

12. Thermal Shock

In icy Sino, Zak pushes the Chaos too hard, and Crogar tries to keep three wyvern babies safe during a battle.

13. Escape from Netherwhere

While Zak’s busy showing off for his fans, Caramba is captured. To save him, Zak must team up with Alan Gamble to find Skullivar’s lair.

Season 1 Part C

Release year: 2016

Zak and his merry crew battle enemies both old and new, while learning that appearances — even on the high seas — can be deceiving.

1. Burn Out

Feeling worn down, Zak and the gang decide to take a break. But their vacation is cut short when Sassafras tells them about the Stone of Time.

2. Trial by Fire

While traveling through Blazz, Zak is forced to form an unlikely alliance with his archenemy, Bones.

3. Calabrass’ Old Friend

Calabrass is alarmed to learn that Zak and company may have stumbled onto a map once held by Torg the Terrible, a particularly nasty pirate.

4. Wrath of Blix

While battling Bones’s legions, Zak and his crew discover that Blix — the giant, peaceful jellyfish — has a few secrets.

5. Calabrass’ Body

During an adventure on the desert of Dezer, Calabrass is offered a new body — but there’s a catch.

6. Island of the Lost Children

On a seemingly deserted island, Clovis thinks he sees some sort of monster. But his warning to Zak falls on deaf ears.

7. Tanah Lost

When Cece is poisoned during a battle with a magical creature, Zak and the gang must find a cure before it’s too late.

8. Between Stars

In order to open up the Waypoint of Zite, Zak must join forces with Sassafras and her mysterious daughter.

9. Viking Connexion

After finding his old ship, Crogar sets out to reunite his Viking crew — and leads the 7Cs into danger.

10. The Stowaway

While trudging through the icy land of Sino, Zak and his crew discover there may be a cloned enemy among them.

11. Zak’s Choice

Frustrated by the crew’s inability to find the Beru Waypoint, Zak starts to wonder if he’ll ever find his way home.

12. The Lost Orb

When Skullivar gets the drop on the Chaos, one of Zak’s loyal crewmates is forced to switch teams.

13. The Last Guardian

Zak, Cece, Crogar and the rest of the crew — minus Calabrass — must do battle with a supremely powerful Skullivar.

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