《Sofia the First》小公主苏菲亚英文版 第四季[全30集][英语英字][1080P][MKV]

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小公主苏菲亚英文版 第四季 资源简介




《小公主苏菲亚 Sofia the First》由迪斯尼公司制作,为迪斯尼公主大家庭增加了一位新成员;此前的迪斯尼公主总是出现在电影中,而“小公主苏菲亚”第一个以小公主为主题的动画片系列。而主题摆脱过去公主追寻真爱,等待被救赎的情节;期望每位观众在与苏菲亚一起成长的同时,体会到真正的公主应具备的内涵与教养,成为一个良善坚强、勇敢自主的人。

小公主苏菲亚是一部美国的电脑动画电视系列剧,由迪士尼电视动画和Toiion Animation Studios制作,内容是一个小女孩苏菲亚进入皇家成为公主的过程。主角苏菲亚因为妈妈米兰达和国王罗伦二世结婚而成为公主。

第三季发行时间: 2017年

Sofia is back for more adventures and heroics, meeting magical creatures and helping her friends confront new enemies.

简介 :


小公主苏菲亚英文版 第4季 视频截图

小公主苏菲亚英文版 第4季 剧集目录

1. Day of the Sorcerers

After a secret meeting with sorcerers, Cedric must choose between taking the throne or keeping his friendship with Sofia.


2. The Secret Library: Tale of the Eternal Torch

Sofia embarks on a risky mission to find an enchanted and highly sought-after flame but James makes the task more difficult.


3. The Crown of Blossoms

For the Festival of Plenty, Sofia receives the honor of wearing the Crown of Blossoms as Clover gets stingy with his veggies and gnomes eye the crown.


4. Pin the Blame on the Genie

When Kazeem is accused of causing chaos in Tangu, Sofia goes to great lengths to prove his innocence.


5. The Mystic Isles: Part 1

Amber demands Sofia help her stop an evil Crystalmaster from covering the Isles in magic crystals — but secretly wants to secure an amulet of her own.


6. The Mystic Isles: Part 2

Amber, Sofia and Prisma journey through the Isles, where Amber gets a bitter taste of queendom and Prisma’s plan becomes crystal clear.


7. The Mystic Isles: Part 3

Together, Sofia and Amber search for a magical stone that will shatter an evil scheme to destroy inhabitants of the Isles.


8. The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector

Sofia meets the feisty Crystal Fairy set to train and protect her. Later, she tackles her first assignment at the Isle of Forever Frost.


9. The Royal Dragon

When Crackle has no one to attend the Roast ‘n’ Toast celebration with, Sofia works her magic to accompany her. Sir Oliver plots to ruin the event.


10. The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist

For the next step in becoming a protector, Sofia must find a magical horse. When she chooses the unicorn Skye to help her, Minimus feels left out.


11. Through the Looking Back Glass

When Cedric’s sister moves to Enchancia Castle, a rift forms between the two siblings. Sofia and Calista use a magical mirror to see what caused it.


12. Princess Jade

At Royal Prep’s School Swap Day, Amber tries not to stumble in Dunwiddie while Sofia finds a photo that makes her believe Jade is a royal.


13. Ivy’s True Colors

When her amulet summons her to help a princess in need, Sofia finds herself face to face with an old enemy.


14. Too Cute to Spook

As Halloween falls over Enchancia, Sofia goes trick-or-treating with her witch friends who complain that little Calista is ruining the holiday spirit.


15. Pirated Away

When Sofia, Amber and Miranda set sail to see a meteor shower, they help a group of sailors looking for treasure and are put in danger themselves.


16. The Mystic Isles: The Falcon’s Eye

As Prisma sets her sights on the Wicked Nine to regain her power, Sofia and Chrysta head to Wei-Ling to protect a magical jewel.


17. The Mystic Isles: The Great Pretender

Prisma hunts for another precious object from the Wicked Nine hidden inside Royal Prep, where a guest teacher dazzles Sofia and her classmates.


18. The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia

When Chrysta pitches in for last-minute Protector duties during the holiday of Wassailia, Sofia works on a special celebration for Chrysta.


19. The Birthday Wish

After a series of mishaps, Sofia makes a wish to relive her birthday trouble-free — until a spell has her stuck in a time loop.


20. In Cedric We Trust

When Cedric is accused of stealing the Crown of Queen Grimhilde, he works overtime to capture the culprit and regain the king’s trust.


21. The Mystic Isles: A Hero for the Hoodwinks

Things go awry when Clover falsely assumes the role of Protector for the Hoodwinks while Sofia heads off for more training.


22. The Mystic Isles: Undercover Fairies

Sofia and Chrysta visit the Fairy Forest, where they go undercover to guard the magic of the Pixie Cup blossom.


23. A Royal Wedding

As excitement for Aunt Tilly’s and Sir Bartleby’s wedding stirs, the royal family clashes over the next ruler of Enchancia.


24. The Royal School Fair

Sofia faces a big decision about her future school while Desmond second-guesses his dreams of becoming a knight.


25. The Lost Pyramid

During a trip to recover an ancient treasure, the Princess Adventure Club relies on all of their senses to navigate a series of dangerous booby traps.


26. Return to Merroway Cove

When Princess Oona conjures a wild sea twister, her mother and Sofia step in to stop the rampaging water disaster.


27. The Elf Situation

When their parents leave them in charge, Sofia, Amber and James attempt to make peace between two fighting elves.


28. Forever Royal, Part I

In the finale, Sofia, Amber and James prepare to graduate from Royal Prep Academy amid threats from an evil sorceress named Vor.


29. Forever Royal, Part II

As Sofia’s graduation party prep begins in the castle, Vor seeks revenge on the Protectors and the Kingdom of Enchancia.


30. Forever Royal, Part III

When Vor casts a mind-control spell over the royal family, Sofia must face her biggest challenge yet and save the people of Enchancia.

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